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  •   20-30yrs
      🍹Occasional drinker
      🍻Drink often
      ✈️Jet Setter
      👣Outdoor adventurer
      🌴Beach Lover
      🍷Wine Lover
      🍹Social Drinker
      ☕️Coffee Lover
      🐾Animal lover
      🐶Dog Owner
      🐈Cat Owner
      💎Luxury Traveler
      🏄SUP’er (StandUp Paddle Boarder)
      🌊Scuba Diver
      🔥Burner (BurningMan)
      🎉Party Goer
      🎭Arts&Culture Lover
      🍏Wellness Enthusiast
      💪Gym Goer️
      🏃Fitness Fanatic
      👔White Collar Executive
      🔧Blue Collar Worker
      👦👶Have Kid/s
      🥕 Vegan
      🙋♂️ single
      🤝 partnered
      ⭕️ open relationship

  •   ⛰Nature and Outdoors
      🌴All-Inclusive Resort Vacations
      🐶Animal/wildlife experiences
      💎Luxury/5 Star Get-aways
      ⛷Active Get-aways
      🔥Burning Man
      🎉Music festivals
      🎭Arts&Culture experiences
      ️🌈Pride events
      🍏Wellness Experiences/Retreats
      ❣️Volunteering Trips
      🔞Nudist Adventures

  •   North America
      South/Central America

  •   $5000 or less
      $15000 or more
      I am not restricted by a budget

  •   $500
      $1500 or more
      I am not restricted by a budget

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